I'm The Crazy Bitch Everyone Warned You About

I’m The Crazy Bitch Everyone Warned You About

I got a new t-shirt in the mail today from my Auntie Victoria. She pegged me pretty good (and gave my employees something to giggle about), because I AM the crazy bitch everyone warned you about. Of course, I’ve worn the shirt around the office today. Hey, I know how to lead a crew.

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A Sniper Called Arrow

A Sniper Named Arrow

In recent online wanderings, I somehow stumbled across the image I’ve included here, in which I found myself staring at a sniper named Arrow. It’s just stunning.

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Tima Plastilina by RiperJack @ Deviant Art

Self Perception and Awareness

What’s more appropriate on a Casual Friday than panic attacks, recovery from weird dreams, and a re-examination of one’s own self perception and awareness? I had more bizarre dreams last night.

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Morning Coffee

I Just Wanted Coffee

Some Saturday mornings are more interesting than others. I sat at the kitchen table this morning enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Yes, I am addicted to coffee. I have coffee scented candles. I adore coffee flavored sweets. Let it suffice to say that I enjoy my morning coffee.

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I Like You

Other Than Myself

It wasn’t a bad dream. Not as my dreams go, anyway. Nobody got hurt. At no point was anything burning. The closest thing to a conflict was when some music was playing from some vehicle and kept re-starting, like they’d stop a song and it’d automatically skip to the next.

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Silly Emoticon - Black T-Shirt

And Then There’s This Silly Emoticon T-Shirt…

Got a package in the mail today from my Auntie Victoria in Florida. Things have been a little off here. She wanted to send up a few boxes of her favorite green tea for me to try. A “cheer up” gift. I was curious about the tea, but what really made my day was the t-shirt she sent along with it.

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Naked and Vulnerable

Sometimes Things Break

It was probably the moment when I found her standing behind me, watching over my shoulder, that I realized things had gone sideways. Tam put her hand on my should and squeezed ever so softly. “You need to talk to someone,” she told me. I conceded for the first time that she might be right. Sometimes things break.

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iPod Babe

The Evils of eBay

Much to my shame, I do actually know a little bit about the evils of eBay, so I don’t even have plausible deniability anymore. I’m just not sure why so many people are so late getting to the game. That probably annoys me more than anything.

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Sexy Nun

Forgive Me Father, For I Am About To Sin

I met a nun downtown. Normally that wouldn’t be worth writing about, but this one left me wondering about a few things. First off, she was beautiful. Breath-taking, really. I’m still not entirely certain she wasn’t just some role-player in a nun outfit (this is Asheville), but she seemed sincere.

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