10 Very Real and Annoying Bisexual Struggles

BisexualityI don’t write often [insert standard disclaimer here]. That much is obvious. It’s been pointed out to me that when I do write something here, it’s almost always sexual or Pagan in nature. Well… yeah. Those seem to be the issues where my buttons get pushed the most.

Anyway, I rarely post at all, but when I do it’s hardly ever a re-posting of other people’s material. But I stumbled across an article this morning which pushed some buttons. Or at least hit a nerve. It’s the issue of bisexuality. Or, more specifically, how bisexuals struggle to relate to “normal” people who are constantly questioning our “choices”.

The article, 10 Very Real and Annoying Bisexual Struggles on Pride.com, begins with this astute observation:

“Apparently, bisexuality is still confusing the hell out of everyone. Even with the trans, gender fluid and intersex communities bursting into mainstream media, it seems people still just don’t get bisexuality. And because of the confusion, bisexual people are forced to struggle with annoying situations. Here are ten very real struggles bisexual people encounter.”

It goes on to list 10 examples. I could relate to every one of them as I was reading. I’ll list those in a handy bullet list here, but I encourage you to go read the entire article, and peruse the explanations.

  1. Constant Quantifying
  2. It’s A Phase
  3. You’re Transitioning
  4. “But you’re with a man/woman?”
  5. Threesomes
  6. What To Wear
  7. “I think you’ll end up straight/gay”
  8. “Bisexuals are cheaters”
  9. Dating Websites
  10. “Can’t you just say you’re gay while we’re dating?”

As someone who is currently trying to land a business contract with a woman who thinks “bisexual” means “threesome”, I can sadly relate to every item on that list. I have a story to tell for each and every one of those 10 sentences.

Anyway, go read 10 Very Real and Annoying Bisexual Struggles.

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