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Dating And MySpace

Okay, so someone sent me a random question. If you know me at all, you know that I like random questions. Not the lame ones like “if a tree fell in the forest …”, but something more creative. Such as, while I’m in the kitchen methodically dismembering a chicken with a cleaver for my unappreciative […]

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No Right-Wing Slogans, Please

I just joined the ranks of the petty. I noticed that one of the people on my MySpace Top Friends list had changed her image so that it said “Vote McCain/Palin”. So I removed her from my top friends list. Not because of her politics. Lady knows, I’m not that petty. She has a right […]

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R.I.P. Norman

I’ve been meaning to write about this all day today because I was absolutely incensed over a news report I received this morning. Quite frankly, I haven’t known how to approach this. Every time I’ve tried to write something about it I’ve wound up with tears streaming down my cheeks. I didn’t want to write […]

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Mabon Celebrations

We’re going to hold our annual Mabon ritual this year on Saturday, September 20th at the fortified PaganCentric underground bunker in lovely downtown Asheville, North Carolina (where else?). Semantics aside, I know that some of the purer of heart will no doubt write and remind me, in a nice way (of course), that Mabon falls […]

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