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Eve's Apple

Insult To Injury

I’ve made no secret of my distaste for the Twilight series. Now it seems that some folks are looking at my web site theme and wondering if I’m a fan. See, the cover of the first book is a woman’s hands cupping an apple, and my web site sort of has the same (except the […]

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Enough With Twilight Already

Two friends have given me copies of Twilight books in the last couple of weeks, hoping to prepare me for the release of the movie. I appreciate the gestures, but I’m a little confused about the reasoning. I’m not known for reading science fiction or fantasy books, so I didn’t quite get it. But of […]

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Nice Phone Call

Agnon just called me. Completely out of the blue. At first I thought maybe he’d read what I wrote the other night. But he said he hadn’t read it. We didn’t talk long. About twenty minutes, maybe. He was at work on his break and decided to call me. His reasons are his own, I […]

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Had To Come Out

Had a meltdown last night. Here I am. Writing about it. Wondering if I should be writing about it. I keep telling myself that I’ll write about it, but I won’t post it. But I know I’ll post it. I always do. And I always regret it. For six months I haven’t been writing it. […]

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“I Voted!”

I struck a blow against the fascist empire today! Okay, so I just got back from voting. I wish I could feel like I struck a blow against the empire, but it didn’t feel like so much of a revolutionary act. Mostly I’m sort of ragging those people who keep patting themselves on the back […]

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