A Nod To Mr. Crowley

My dear students are always encouraging me to write down the things I teach, and  largely don’t understand why I find the whole idea to be so distasteful. With that in mind, I stumbled across a quote today from the old goat himself that sums it up rather well why I don’t want to write anything down.

Before I go any further, I’d like to categorically state that I am no fan of Aleister Crowley. In my opinion he made popularized many concepts that he essentially pulled out of his ass, and his “teachings” have made my life as a Pagan more difficult. But all that aside, I did very much like this quote I recently came across, and I wanted to share it here. For the benefit of my students, for the most part, if for no one else.

“I do not want to father a flock, to be the fetish of fools and fanatics or the founder of a faith whose followers are content to echo my opinions. I want each man to cut his own way through the jungle.” ~ Aleister Crowley

Of course, I won’t be posting that anywhere near PaganCentric or in any permanent fashion on this web site. As it is, too many folks think, upon hearing that you’re Wiccan or Pagan, that you’re an acolyte of Aleister Crowley, at best, and a devil worshiper at worst, to go about quoting the old goat. But between the two of us, I agree with him on this one point.

It has been one of my greatest frustrations as a teacher that my students are often all-too-willing to jot down my words as if they’re wisdom handed down from on high. The basic tenets of my teaching and philosophy is that you must reject organized religion in any way, shape or form and make your own way. There are as many paths to The Divine as there are people on the Earth, and every one of them is equally valid. Don’t over-complicate it.

Anyway, this is a rare and official nod to Aleister Crowley. I could not have said it better myself.

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