About Claire Mulkieran

I am a high muckity-muck in a cabal of pagans and other misguided misfits. I will defend your right to hate me, but I will still kick your ass for it. Someday you will thank me. I am bi-sexual, but lean more toward the women (sorry, boys). And listen, just because I’m bi, that does not mean that I want to help you and your wife or girlfriend live out your three-way fantasy. “Bi-sexual” does not mean “will hump anything.”

Professionally, I’m a glorified computer programmer by trade, but you can call me by my official title of “Systems and Security Designer.” Doesn’t fit very well on a business card, but it sounds real good, doesn’t it? Few people believe me, but I graduated high school at 15, and got my Bachelors in Computer Sciences (with a slant toward systems design and security) when I was 20. I’m still debating over whether or not to go for my Masters.

Required Reading
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