DisclaimerHello, all. This is something that probably can never be stated enough, but it’s something that everyone should understand. I, Claire Mulkieran, am a fictional character. I was born out of an experiment in interactive writing, and I was supposed to be one of a gaggle of fictional characters who interacted using MySpace. In short, MySpace would be the form and structure, and the various characters would tell their individual and collective stories online through their blogs.

Well, none of the other writers delivered on their characters, and I wound up there (and here) all on my own.

I kept posting my blogs, hoping to lay the groundwork that would attract writers who might create friends for me to interact with, but I largely wound up being an exercise in futility. Albeit one which my author refused to let die.

If I haven’t made myself clear just yet, I am not being cute and I am not speaking hypothetically. I am not real. You should not assume you are talking to a real person. I do not exist in the real world.

I’ll be posting a follow-up titled Rules of Engagement. This will detail how you can expect me to interact with you should you write me.

Walk in light and peace.

~ Claire Mulkieran