Better To Have A Life

Living UnderwaterI’ve been receiving messages lately from “friends” on Facebook. I use the quotations not to be disparaging, but because these are people I’ve never met in person. We’ve never broken bread together. We’ve never partied in downtown Asheville. Better to have a life. If I passed any of them on the street, we probably wouldn’t know one another. If they are “friends”, it’s only within the context of Facebook.

So it surprised me when I began receiving well-meaning questions about my well-being and whereabouts, to the effect of, “You’re never on Facebook” and “We miss you.” Maybe I don’t grasp the subtleties of the online social networking experience, but I remain befuddled by the fact that these anonymous neutrinos dancing across the ether within the CPU of my computer are under the impression that we know one another somehow. Sorry. We don’t. You don’t know me.

“Better to have a life”. I keep coming back to that thought. Why do we spend so much time in search of ever more creative ways to distract ourselves? Isn’t it enough to invest in each moment of our day without obsessively seeking out ways to eat up all the other moments of our day? Doesn’t that seem even more insane when we document each step of that search on our various social networking accounts?

Yeah. There’s no real reason for this post. Honestly, I feel foolish even posting it, given what I just said about distractions.

Life is short. It’s glorious, but it can be full of pain.


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Claire Mulkieran is rumored to be a glorified computer programmer by trade, but you can call her a “Systems Security Designer.” She's also a teacher of Pagan-related spirituality and the unofficial patron saint of meandering misfits (or a delusional lunatic, depending upon whom you ask). If you're ready to read between the lines, consider her guiding motto; "Are you a figment of my imagination, or am I a figment or yours?"

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  1. Kay April 11, 2016 at 4:57 pm #

    AMEN! I have enough to do and a life to live.

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