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I Dreamt of Ganesha

I dreamt of Ganesha last night. He told me to be unafraid, that the path is being prepared. Great changes are coming. Everything we (humans) know and love will be transformed; for the better. We will release the past and be reborn. It will be painful. Change hurts.

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Tima Plastilina by RiperJack @ Deviant Art

Self Perception and Awareness

What’s more appropriate on a Casual Friday than panic attacks, recovery from weird dreams, and a re-examination of one’s own self perception and awareness? I had more bizarre dreams last night.

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I Like You

Other Than Myself

It wasn’t a bad dream. Not as my dreams go, anyway. Nobody got hurt. At no point was anything burning. The closest thing to a conflict was when some music was playing from some vehicle and kept re-starting, like they’d stop a song and it’d automatically skip to the next.

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Becoming MahaKali

Last night I dreamt of Kali. Or Mahakali, actually, the greatest aspect of Kali. When I woke up my hands were shaking. I’ve been drinking coffee with whiskey ever since. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, after all, and I’m Irish. Nobody’s going to expect me to get through the day sober.

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