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Female Warrior

Testing Hard to Kill

Not that anyone will notice (I’ve unintentionally done my best to kill off this web site), but I’m going to be testing “hard to kill”, using this space to tinker with some new infrastructure designs, over the next few months.

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Forbidden Fruit

Visions And Other Annoying Phenomena

Visions And other annoying phenomena are part and parcel of my existence lately. I don’t know where all this is headed. But I do feel like it’s headed somewhere. Even if that’s just me in a straight-jacket.

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10 Very Real and Annoying Bisexual Struggles

I don’t write often. That much is obvious. It’s been pointed out to me that when I do write something here, it’s almost always sexual or Pagan in nature. Well… yeah. Those seem to be the issues where my buttons get pushed the most.

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Living Underwater

Better To Have A Life

I’ve been receiving messages lately from “friends” on Facebook. I use the quotations not to be disparaging, but because these are people I’ve never met in person. We’ve never broken bread together. We’ve never partied in downtown Asheville. Better to have a life.

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Women Protest for International Go Topless Day 2013 at Venice Beach

Bare-Breasted Women and Nipples

Of the many issues people argue over, few perplex me more than the hand-wringing over bare-breasted women and nipples. I mean, come on, people. They’re just breasts. Half of the world’s population has them. There are billions of boobs just yearning to be free. Of course, like I usually do, I decided to weigh in.

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