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Naked and Vulnerable

Sometimes Things Break

It was probably the moment when I found her standing behind me, watching over my shoulder, that I realized things had gone sideways. Tam put her hand on my should and squeezed ever so softly. “You need to talk to someone,” she told me. I conceded for the first time that she might be right. Sometimes things break.

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iPod Babe

The Evils of eBay

Much to my shame, I do actually know a little bit about the evils of eBay, so I don’t even have plausible deniability anymore. I’m just not sure why so many people are so late getting to the game. That probably annoys me more than anything.

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Sexy Nun

Forgive Me Father, For I Am About To Sin

I met a nun downtown. Normally that wouldn’t be worth writing about, but this one left me wondering about a few things. First off, she was beautiful. Breath-taking, really. I’m still not entirely certain she wasn’t just some role-player in a nun outfit (this is Asheville), but she seemed sincere.

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Vintage Lesbians

The Way It Was, Pre Lesbians

I heard a woman talking today about a mythical time (I assume sometime prior to the 1960′s) when, apparently, there was no such thing as lesbians and gays, much less transgendered. You know. Back in the days when men were men, women knew their place, and everyone was a Christian.

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Beautiful Black and White Depression

Up Late Again

I’m up late again. Can’t sleep. Every time I lay my head down my brain grabs hold of some of the things that have been happening lately. Don’t know how to let it go. Don’t even know what this is or how to put it into words. Can’t seem to shape it into something I know how to deal with. It just goes on and on. It’s exhausting.

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