Oh My!

These things are not designed to shock you. But it wouldn’t suck if one or more of them made you stop and think. Even if it is about certain lady parts. These are just the images that make me feel kinda mischievous. I aim to misbehave.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I was asked to post my favorite #SexyFairy photo. Well... this is it. Yeah... she's not a fairy, but who cares?

Oreo Breastfeeding Ad

An image from an favorite WordPress theme. I stopped using it for awhile because everyone thought I was a Twilight fan. I still love the image, though. Care to taste the fruit, my love?

I love caramel. I love the way it gets in my hair, between my toes, and how warm it is when it...

Caution - Wet: Some people are not prepared to deal with the reality of this situation. Bring your bib. I'll instruct you.

Fancy some chocolate? First we eat the undies...

She sits on my left shoulder. There's no one on the other side.

Oh, yeah. They promise the moon, but then they never call.

One can never be too safe when it comes to sex.

Now all I need is some whipped cream and a few pralines...

What better sinfully inappropriate way to eat cupcakes in public than to eat vagina cupcakes? I have to get some of these for the next city council meeting.

I just love that new car smell...

Which one is me, I wonder?

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