Living Underwater

Better To Have A Life

I’ve been receiving messages lately from “friends” on Facebook. I use the quotations not to be disparaging, but because these are people I’ve never met in person. We’ve never broken bread together. We’ve never partied in downtown Asheville. Better to have a life.

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Women Protest for International Go Topless Day 2013 at Venice Beach

Bare-Breasted Women and Nipples

Of the many issues people argue over, few perplex me more than the hand-wringing over bare-breasted women and nipples. I mean, come on, people. They’re just breasts. Half of the world’s population has them. There are billions of boobs just yearning to be free. Of course, like I usually do, I decided to weigh in.

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So Not An Angel

So Not An Angel

And there was an angel. Well, I thought she was an angel. She stood on the opposite side of the crater, looking at me. I mean at me, not the body that I thought of as me, but which wasn’t me. As angels go, I was a little disappointed. She had no ethereal glow.

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Dreams and Dropships

Dreams and Drop-Ships

Screw this. “Dreams and Drop-Ships”. I don’t even know what that means now. It was a good title. Yeah, there were dreams. Of drop-ships. And angels. And demons made of energy. And exploding suns. Of god-like girls slaughtering men by the thousands.

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Face Covered

You Stuck A Svakom Gaga Camera Where?

I wasn’t going to post anything about this damned thing, but I’ve found myself thinking about it a lot today. Of course, I’m reluctant, because it’s a sexual thing, and I already stand accused (with some justification) of having an overactive libido.

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