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Blessed Imbolc!

Here we are at another Imbolc, watching the world as it begins to be renewed. It is now the holiday of Imbolc and at this time many turn to thoughts of the Maiden Goddess, Brid. It is a time to celebrate the increasing light, the return of the precious sun. Let us each take a […]

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And Then There Was 2013

If I’ve learned anything in my short time here on Earth, it’s that time keeps moving and things change. We can meet each new year with a renewed optimism and purpose, or we can huddle in our bubbles and pretend we have it all under control.

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Female Warrior

The Best of Intentions

I approach this web site with the best of intentions. I really do. I don’t mean to leave it sitting alone in the proverbial corner for weeks on end. It just turns out that way. Not for want of regard or lack of caring. I’m just so busy. That’s a good thing, really. Busy means […]

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Rediscovering The Obvious

There’s no particular reason for me writing this post other than as a declaration of intent. For too long now I’ve been far too busy on various projects to spend much time here on the web site. That’s a good thing. While I’ve spent most of my days slaving away for my business, which I […]

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