The Biological Need To Redecorate

I’ve been resisting the urge to redecorate my web site. Makes sense, right? I rarely ever use it, so it makes perfect sense to spend time re-inventing it. Maybe some part of my sub-psyche believes that if I make it prettier, I’ll be more inclined to use it. Of course, I know that’s a load of crap. That’s the kind of logic you use on newbies, and I’m using it on myself. With little success.

I don’t know. Part of me wants to simplify things. I like the way the web site looks, but it feels cluttered to me somehow. And what’s with all this dark imagery? I’m not a Goth chick by any stretch of the imaination. So why does my web site look like I am? I prefer to think my invisible bat wings can be seen by some, but it’s unlikely, at best.

So… do we upgrade or not? And if I do, when will I find time to do it? Oh, yeah. I hadn’t thought about that. In between three different active projects, I’m going to upgrade my web site. What could go wrong?

About Claire

Claire Mulkieran is rumored to be a glorified computer programmer by trade, but you can call her a “Systems Security Designer.” She's also a teacher of Pagan-related spirituality and the unofficial patron saint of meandering misfits (or a delusional lunatic, depending upon whom you ask). If you're ready to read between the lines, consider her guiding motto; "Are you a figment of my imagination, or am I a figment or yours?"
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